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Oreo Medium Female Retriever, Labrador / Mix Located in Dallas
More Photos of Oreo
More Photos of OreoMore Photos of Oreo
Name: Oreo
ID: 110658
Breed: Retriever, Labrador / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years 3 months
Size: Medium
Location: Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center, Dallas
Oreo Medium Female Retriever, Labrador / Mix Located in Dallas
Likes: ATTENTION! I want all of your attention and love and I want it now! I love to give kisses so that you know how much I love you!

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners. Also carrots - why does everyone want to give me carrots? I want REAL treats!

Special skills: Sit, come, leash-trained, house-trained

Working on: Losing weight! The vet says I'm obese...I say there's more of me to love!

My dream home: Has a nice big yard so I can work on my beach bod. I would also love another playful doggie friend I can exercise with!

Dogs: Yes! I love to make new friends - please bring them for a meet and greet!

Cats: Yep! I need to work on giving my kitty friends their personal space, but I think they're just great!

Testimonial: The staff and her foster momma Elena refer to her as Double-stuf Oreo - at least until she loses all that weight!