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Oreo Large Male Shepherd / Mix Located in Dallas
More Photos of Oreo
More Photos of OreoMore Photos of OreoMore Photos of Oreo
Name: Oreo
ID: 155720
Breed: Shepherd / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years 10 months
Size: Large
Location: Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center, Dallas
Oreo Large Male Shepherd / Mix Located in Dallas
Hello there, I'm Oreo! I'm a bit of a mess. I love to play 'RUN AWAY!!!' - I think it's a hilarious game! I am super awkward around new people and you might think I'll never relax. It's not true, I swear! Okay maybe it's a little true. I'll probably always be a little jumpy and nervous, but I can't help it! My favorite T.V. show is Courage the Cowardly Dog, because Courage reminds me so much of me! Just like Courage, I'm anxious most of the time (my inner monologue is usually 'AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!') but I'll surprise you with moments of sweetness and confidence when you least expect it!
Here in this kennel you won't see the best side of my personality (although you can clearly see how stunningly handsome I am) so please ask to meet me outside! I am most comfortable outside in the sunshine, especially if there is another doggie around to play with!