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Banjo Large Male Hound / Mix Located in Foster
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More Photos of BanjoMore Photos of BanjoMore Photos of Banjo
Name: Banjo
ID: 156630
Breed: Hound / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years 1 month
Size: Large
Location: Foster Home
Banjo Large Male Hound / Mix Located in Foster
Likes: Snuggling, sitting on laps, giving kisses, going on walks

Dislikes: Not getting enough affection - I love people!

Special skills: With me, leash-trained, house-trained

My dream home: I'd love a family or best friend who spends a lot of time at home. The less stairs, the better :)

Dogs: I'm great with other dogs and very gentle!

Testimonial: Banjo is perfect! He's such a lover, is very gentle and SO sweet to everyone he meets! He follows me everywhere and would rather be close to me and Brinkley [resident dog], than be alone. He truly IS an amazing dog and deserves a home for Christmas!!!- Amanda, Banjo's Foster Hero