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Milo Large Male Shepherd / Mix Located in Dallas
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More Photos of MiloMore Photos of MiloMore Photos of Milo
Name: Milo
ID: 156641
Breed: Shepherd / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Size: Large
Location: Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center, Dallas
Milo Large Male Shepherd / Mix Located in Dallas
Likes: Ear rubs are the absolute best! I also love treats and attention
Personality: I'm a bit shy, but I'm also very calm, gentle and loving!
My dream home: I'd love a calm home environment with a big soft bed and lots of yummy treats! I would also love a yard I could explore in.
My perfect human: A loving, patient person that can teach me to trust. I'm looking for someone who can look past my scars and love me forever.
Dogs: I'm very tolerant of other dogs, but I don't seem particularly interested in them either. Please bring doggie friends for a meet and greet to see if there's a spark!
Testimonial: Milo is very sweet, gentle and learning to trust. - Melissa, SPCA of Texas volunteer