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Thelma X-Large Female Hound / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Thelma
More Photos of ThelmaMore Photos of ThelmaMore Photos of Thelma
Name: Thelma
ID: 158624
Breed: Hound / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 10 years 4 months
Size: X-Large
Location: Foster Home
Thelma X-Large Female Hound / Mix Located in Foster
My personality: I am a quirky, talkative gal who has a lot of love for members of my family. If you're looking for someone to spend the day cuddling- that's me! I'm a total lazy bones.
Likes: Snuggles and attention
Dislikes: Slippery floors - they make me trip!
Special Skills: I am a real winner at fetch! I'm also house trained, and know how to stay as well as come.
Dogs: I'd love a canine companion! Bring your dog to meet me!
Kids: Over 10 please - bring them for a meet and greet to see if we're a perfect match! <Br> My Dream Life: I'm looking for a home where I can lead a slow-paced life with a loyal friend who loves to chat and take walks with me!
Thelma is currently in a foster home. If you'd like to meet her, please contact