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Lolli Small Female Poodle, Toy / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Lolli
More Photos of Lolli
Name: Lolli
ID: 162727
Breed: Poodle, Toy / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 10 years 2 months
Size: Small
Location: Foster Home
Lolli Small Female Poodle, Toy / Mix Located in Foster
Hi, I'm Lolli! I'm a toy poodle living the low-key, retired dog life. I enjoy short walks (my little legs can only go for so long), laying in the sunshine, cuddling, being petted, and peanut butter.
The world is a big place and I'm a little lady who hasn't spent enough time around humans, so I tend to be fearful and sometimes intimidated. I might take a moment to warm up to you, but I love affection and would get along well in a home without a lot of outside foot traffic with a fenced back yard. I am awesome in a bag or purse, where I can watch the world go by snuggled up next to you. But sometimes I want to do it myself, so it's a good thing I'm great on a leash too! I am scared of strangers, however, and don't love being left alone - both of them makes me bark.

I would be happy in a home with a confident dog (or two!) but I would also do just fine as the only dog who you can spoil. I'm pretty happy-go-lucky. I like to zoom around in the morning when I wake up and before meals. I am flexible about sleeping - I'll do it in a crate, a cozy little bed of my own, or in bed with you (and I can handle doggy steps to get into the bed!).
It would be nice if you have a small crate for me when I come to your house at first, because I like to hide when I feel insecure. After I get to know you, I'll spend all my time letting you pet me and give me affection.