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Scout Medium Female Hound / Retriever, Labrador Located in Dallas
More Photos of Scout
More Photos of Scout
Name: Scout
ID: 150784
Breed: Hound / Retriever, Labrador
Gender: Female
Age: 9 years
Size: Medium
Location: Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center, Dallas
Scout Medium Female Hound / Retriever, Labrador Located in Dallas
Likes: Naps and when I get told what a good girl I am! Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than the question, 'Who's a good girl?' because I know the answer - ME!

Dislikes: I'm not really into playing - I'm more of a chill on the couch kind of a dog.

Personality: I'm a relaxed, friendly girl who is eager to please and likes to keep a routine.

Special Skills: I know sit, come, down and 'go to bed'
My dream home: Is peaceful and has a doggie door so I can take myself out at night (what can I say, I'm an old lady and I gotta go a lot!)

My perfect human: Will appreciate my grunts and sighs when I finally find my comfy spot.

Dogs: Older, calm dogs like me are fine - just no young whippersnappers who want to play and all that. Those days are behind me!

Cats: Just like with dogs, I'm totally fine with older, chill cats who aren't really interested in playing. I like to take it easy!

Kids: I think I'd prefer a home with older kids or teens who are content to relax and watch movies with me and will appreciate my company without needing to play.

Adoption fee: $25

Date in shelter: (11/30/2018)