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Milo Large Male Retriever, Labrador / Shepherd Located in Foster
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More Photos of MiloMore Photos of MiloMore Photos of Milo
Name: Milo
ID: 156641
Breed: Retriever, Labrador / Shepherd
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
Size: Large
Location: Foster Home
Milo Large Male Retriever, Labrador / Shepherd Located in Foster
About Me: I was rescued from a cruelty case along with all my doggie friends. I had a rough start but now I'm ready to experience love and happiness with my forever family!

Likes: TOYS AND BALLS!!! I also love being outside (especially when it's dark) and flying through the air to land on balls thrown by my human! I also like ear and chest rubs, hugs, and cuddling in a warm, soft bed with my human and animal friends.

Personality: I'm calm, gentle, loving, and very fun once I get to know you! You should see how flexible I am when I'm feeling really happy and show you my play bow!

My dream home: I'd love a calm home environment with a big soft bed and lots of toys and treats! I would also love a big back yard to play in and explore. I'm not a huge fan of being walked in public places - it's too scary and makes my back legs shake!

My perfect human: A loving, patient person who can teach me to trust other people, especially men. They are still kind of scary to me.

Dogs: I love friendly dogs! They make me feel more confident!

Kids: Since I'm pretty scared of sudden movements and loud noises, I'd do better with older, respectful children or adults only.

E-mail if you'd like to meet me!