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Duke Large Male Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
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More Photos of DukeMore Photos of DukeMore Photos of Duke
Name: Duke
ID: 158199
Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year 8 months
Size: Large
Location: Foster Home
Duke Large Male Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
My personality: I'm a goofy, energetic guy who loves to play! I adore my two doggie friends and love playing rough with them. When I get bored, I'll go pick out a toy from my stash and keep myself busy. Now that I have a human to love, I like giving her lots of kisses and sitting with her on the couch. I'm a goofy boy, and will never fail to make you smile with my antics!

Kids: I do really well with my 10-year-old human in my foster home! I may do best in a home without small children because I do get so excited. Please bring all family members to meet me!

Dogs: Please bring them for a meet and greet! I love to play with other dogs and I want to see if they can keep up with me! I actually don't mind cats either! Right now, I live with a dog bigger than I am and a dog smaller than I am, and I'm best buddies with them both!

My dream owner: Loves to go on adventures with me! I love going on hikes, swimming in the lake and just about anything as long as it's with you! My foster mom is teaching me the ropes of living in a house, and I'm doing great so far! I would really like to live in a home that has a yard, because I love to run around and get my energy out. It would be great to live with some other dogs, too because I just have so much fun with them!

If you'd like to meet me, please contact