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Dottie Medium Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Terrier, Bull Located in Foster
More Photos of Dottie
More Photos of DottieMore Photos of DottieMore Photos of Dottie
Name: Dottie
ID: 159440
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull / Terrier, Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 2 months
Size: Medium
Location: Foster Home
Dottie Medium Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Terrier, Bull Located in Foster
About Me: My name is Dottie and I'm a very special girl. The staff at SPCA aren't sure of my history, but it couldn't have been good. When I arrived I was so fearful I was practically catatonic- I would just curl up in the corner of my kennel and shake. Then I went to foster where I had a long road of recovery ahead of me. Slowly but surely, I became the adorable, quirky girl I am today.

Personality: By no means am I a confident, social butterfly. I might not ever be. However my fear has turned into curiosity and I get braver and braver every day. Now I'm just more anxious than anything, my foster parents considered renaming me Nervous Nellie! Despite my nerves, I'm a total sweetheart to the core, and my foster parents say I'm incredibly endearing. I don't crave attention but I do like to follow you around the house, wagging my tail, hoping for some treats!

Likes: Let's start with food- can't get enough of the stuff. I'm peanut butter's #1 fan and giving me some is certainly a shortcut to my heart. I also LOVE furniture, namely the couch and your bed. I'm most comfortable when laying on the furniture with you, and that's when the petting and snuggling happens. Once I get to know you, I'll gift you with some kisses too.

My Dream Home: I'll need a calm, quiet house with a securely fenced in yard. I'd prefer an adults-only home, but any kids would have to be teens or older. I obviously need to be allowed on the furniture, so there's no room for kids anyway!

Dogs: Yes please- having another friendly, confident dog in the home is a must! Other dogs teach me how to be brave, and how to be playful. I sometimes wrestle with my foster brothers in bed at night.

My perfect hoomans: They'll be incredibly patient, loving, kind and have a passion for animal rescue. It's best if at least one of my owners is male, as I tend to be more comfortable with males-both human and canine! While my confidence may continue to improve, my owners will need to love me for the sweet, adorable weirdo that I am today.

I'll always be special- I might not ever want to go on walks, run over to you when called, learn tricks, or be considered a NORMAL dog, but I'll make your heart melt every day. My foster mom created an online journal for me, you can see my journey by visiting

Please contact if you're interested in spending forever with me.