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Nonni Medium Female Hound / Mix Located in McKinney
More Photos of Nonni
More Photos of NonniMore Photos of NonniMore Photos of Nonni
Name: Nonni
ID: 163496
Breed: Hound / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year 7 months
Size: Medium
Location: Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center, McKinney
Nonni Medium Female Hound / Mix Located in McKinney
Likes: Treats, walks, toys, and playtime.
Personality: Energetic, playful, and friendly.
My Dream Home: A home with a big yard so that I can run fast and play.
Testimonial: If you like a dog that fetches tennis balls and catches some in mid-air do not miss this opportunity to meet Nonni. Athletic and energetic, Nonni will draw your attention by running fast and playing hard especially around humans. Too, while walking she loves to sniff her surroundings like most hounds. She will sit on command and freezes in place if you pet her rear end. According to the previous owner she is smart and completely housetrained. The SPCA recommends that she be adopted in a household with only teens and adults and no other dogs. Essentially, Nonni wants to be the center of attention. She will also make you the center of her attention. Come and visit Nonni. You will never forget the time spent with her.
***Written by David, SPCA of Texas volunteer.***