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Bear Large Male Akita / Mix Located in McKinney
More Photos of Bear
More Photos of BearMore Photos of Bear
Name: Bear
ID: 164836
Breed: Akita / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Size: Large
Location: Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center, McKinney
Bear Large Male Akita / Mix Located in McKinney
Likes: Walks and playtime.
Personality: Athletic, energetic, and friendly.
Special Skills: Running and walking.
Dream Owner: Someone who likes to play hard just like Bear.
Dream Home: Home with a big back yard so that Bear can play when it is not too hot.
Testimonial: If you walk by Bear's kennel, he might surprise you by his ability to jump twice his the height. He calms down once you take him out of his kennel and start walking. Clearly, humans excite Bear. According to the previous owner, Bear is "sweet and loves to cuddle." The owner also noted that Bear was "playful and energetic". When introduced to a kid's wading pool, Bear jumped in and laid down. This is understandable for an Akita who endures Texas heat part of the year. Even though Bear is heartworm positive, the SPCA of Texas has teamed with VCA Hospitals to provide heartworm treatment at no expense to you the adopter. Come and see him. You might jump with excitement just like Bear.
-David, SPCA of Texas volunteer