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Socks Medium Male Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Socks
More Photos of SocksMore Photos of SocksMore Photos of Socks
Name: Socks
ID: 167565
Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years 6 months
Size: Medium
Location: Foster Home
Socks Medium Male Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
Likes: Socks adores playing fetch!

Dislikes: SQUIRRELS. Also rabbits...bugs...anything that makes him want to play chase!

Personality: He just has the most beautiful heart, and I'm sure anyone who interacts with him would agree.

Special Skills: Socks is a very quiet and smart guy, he hasn't even had one bathroom accident till date in his foster home! He responds to his name, understands the command 'No', we're still working on others :) After 3 days, he now knows when's bathroom time, that he's only allowed onto one couch, and also, he seems to absolutely love his crate! Even if we're just chilling at home, sometimes he takes his toys, and goes and sits in his crate all by himself, with his tail wagging until he's called :)

Dogs: Socks would prefer to go solo - he wants all the attention to himself!

Sock's Perfect Day: Socks would absolutely LOVE a day outside. Somewhere that he can just run, and jump to his heart's content, followed by a long belly rub once he's all tired out. He loves playing fetch! End the day with a few treats, and just let him smother you in kisses would make him perfectly content.

Sock's Dream Adopter: I think Socks would fit the best in a family with a slightly active lifestyle. He's a super energetic guy and has a lot of energy to burn, so someone who very religiously goes for a walk/run every day would be awesome. He also loves our yard, another place he's able to burn his energy, so I think that would be good, maybe not a 'must'. I think a 20's-50's age group would be the best fit, as older or younger might just not have the strength or energy to match his!

Kids: Socks is so patient with them - he recently hung out with a kid and couldn't stop giving her kisses!

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