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Athena Large Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Athena
More Photos of AthenaMore Photos of AthenaMore Photos of Athena
Name: Athena
ID: 168175
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 6 months
Size: Large
Location: Foster Home
Athena Large Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster
All about Athena Written by: Her foster mom Athena is a very sweet girl and so considerate! She always makes sure to position herself so it is convenient for you to pet her. In addition, she is good at giving gentle reminders when you quit petting that it's okay to continue ? She absolutely loves to be around people. She loves to be next to you with her head in your lap which makes her great for snuggling. She was very patience with our special needs kiddo but seemed disappointed that he was not interested in petting her. She gets very excited for her daily walks. The only time she tugged on the leash was when she saw a rabbit bolt in front of us. Even then she redirected quickly with a little tug of the leash and her name being called. A trip to PetSmart was the highlight of her day, she wanted to greet everyone! The only time she showed hesitation was when a small dog yipped at her and she immediately took a step back and leaned into my leg. Other than that she showed no interest in other dogs. Athena is a wonderful dog who deserves a loving family!