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Mary Small Female Terrier, Yorkshire / Mix Located in Foster
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More Photos of MaryMore Photos of MaryMore Photos of Mary
Name: Mary
ID: 168281
Breed: Terrier, Yorkshire / Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years 6 months
Size: Small
Location: Foster Home
Mary Small Female Terrier, Yorkshire / Mix Located in Foster
Personality: Mary is an 8-year old Yorkshire terrier. A good samaritan contacted us after finding her one morning abandoned in her kennel outside of their business. She quickly won the hearts of all the staff and her foster parents. She is a feisty girl that loves everyone she meets and has an appetite for wood chips! Medical: Mary is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day exactly 12 hours apart. It's imperative that she remain on a strict insulin schedule and to have her glucose levels monitored by a veterinarian to keep her diabetes under control. Mary also has a luxated hip and cataracts that will need to be monitored by a veterinarian and will possibly require surgery in the future. Dogs/Cats: Mary has been in several foster homes and has done great with their other animals. The Best Home for Mary: Due to Mary's various medical issues she will require medical care for the rest of her life. She will need an adopter that is comfortable giving insulin injections with a schedule that will allow them to properly care for her. Mary would do best in a calmer home without younger children and large energetic dogs. Most of all Mary needs a loving home, she deserves to be happy and safe for the rest of her life. Mary is currently in a foster home, for more information about Mary please email