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Beau Medium Neutered Male Dalmatian / Terrier, Pit Bull Located in Foster Home
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More Photos of BeauMore Photos of Beau
Name: Beau
ID: 41430356
Breed: Dalmatian / Terrier, Pit Bull
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 2 years
Size: Medium
Location: Foster
Beau Medium Neutered Male Dalmatian / Terrier, Pit Bull Located in Foster Home
Likes: Attention, I'm an attention hog! I love everyone I meet, and I expect them to give me love and attention! I'm the fast dog you will ever meet, none of my dog friends can catch me!

Nickname(s): Mr. Bo Jangles; Beauregard

Personality: I'm a shelter favorite, staff and volunteers all adore me! I got taken on walks and special trips to the park more thank anyone. Now I'm in a foster home and life is great they have an awesome yard to play in and the daughter has lots of friends that come over to see me from a place called "High School".

Dogs: Bring them to meet me!

Kids: I'm a big ball of fun and energy and may be too much for little ones. Teens and older please!

My Dream Home: A home filled with active people who like to hike, run, and have a good time. The more visitors you have the better, I love meeting new people. A big yard would be a bonus since I like to run and a family that isn't at work all day would be the best because I get very lonely when I'm left by myself. A dog sibling may be nice too!

Special Note: I will require some time to settle into my new home, and SPCA of Texas would like to assist in that transition. Therefore I am only available through trial adoption. This way, the SPCA of Texas staff can assist you for the first month that I am in your home in order to make sure we are the perfect match! Email if you'd like to meet me!

Testimonial: "What a great dog! We love Beau! He is sweet, expressive, a little timid, and energetic. It's very hard to be in a bad mood around him. He doesn't like to be confined or away from us ever!! He will make some lucky family a great family pet. He needs lots of exercise. I am trying very hard not to be a foster failure with him!!"......Foster mom