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Shian Small Spayed Female Miniature Pinscher / Mix Located in Foster
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More Photos of ShianMore Photos of Shian
Name: Shian
ID: 41435732
Breed: Miniature Pinscher / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 7 years 7 months
Size: Small
Location: Foster
Shian Small Spayed Female Miniature Pinscher / Mix Located in Foster
About Me: Hi, I'm Shian (pronounced like Cheyenne) and I'm ready to be your cuddly best friend! I'm very affectionate and I love cuddles and pettings. I'm a 7-year-old min pin but I still have a lot of energy and life left in me. I like to play with toys, other dogs, and humans! My foster mom says I am a serious chow hound who isn't picky at all. I love every treat and type of food she gives me! I can get jealous about food, though, so she crates me to eat meals and it works out great for all of us.

Special: I'm crate trained and when I need a break, I will head in there to take a nap or hide out and relax. I'm also house trained so all I need is a human to open the door - and get my kibble!

Dogs: I would love to be the only dog in your home and get all your love and affection, but I would also do well with another doggy companion who is chill, zen, and brings out my playful side. I've been with big dogs, small dogs, older dogs and younger dogs - I can get along with all of them as long as I'm the boss! I like to play tugging games and roughhouse with the dogs in my current foster, when I'm not in my foster mom's lap.

Kids: Older kids who want to do fun stuff with me would be great! No tiny tots for this little lady!

My Dream Home: A forever home where I can get some exercise to run off my energy would be great! I tend to bark when I'm feeling bored or hear scary noises, so I'd love a home where we go on walks or I play and run around with other dogs or people to keep me mellow. I wouldn't want to get you in trouble, so I shouldn't go to an apartment home where I might bother your neighbors.

My Dream Family: I'm scared of strangers and could use a patient family who help me build up my confidence and understand that people aren't a danger and just want to give me love. I'm very easily won over by treats and goodies - just offering me one lets me know we're friends and I'll learn to love you!

I've got a big personality, a lot of sassy ideas, and am in a class by myself. Email for more info on adopting me!