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Misty Medium Spayed Female Rottweiler / Mix Located in Awaiting Foster
More Photos of Misty
More Photos of Misty
Name: Misty
ID: 41450980
Breed: Rottweiler / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 4 years 2 months
Size: Medium
Location: Awaiting Foster
Misty Medium Spayed Female Rottweiler / Mix Located in Awaiting Foster
Foster Reason: Trust Building and Socialization
Intake Date: April 23, 2019 from a cruelty case

About Me: Hi, my name is Misty, I think... At least that's what I think they call me here, I'm too shy to ask. I used to run free with a bunch of other dogs. I really didn't see humans that often, not like now, I see them every day! Some give me food and water. Some clean my room and give me a nice bed to lay on. There is even a few that sit in my room with me and try to pet me and give me treats, they even carried me around a few times. So I'm not sure what to make of all these humans being around me now. When they do come around I see the other dogs barking at them so I bark at them too. But when they come in my room I just go and lay down on my bed. So I'm thinking humans might be kinda okay, but I still need a little convincing.

I'll need a foster home that has a private backyard, since i'm not brave enough to be walked on leash yet. I'd prefer no kids, but any kids in the home should be over 12. Having another doggy friend could be very good for me though! Bring yours to meet me.

Do you think you could help convince me that humans are dog's best friends? And get me ready for my forever home? I would love to meet you in person!! Don't be upset if I keep one eye on you for a little while, it will get better with the right time spent with me.

See you soon,

While Misty is not yet ready for adoption, she is eligible for foster-to-adopt.
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