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Bailey Medium Spayed Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster Home
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More Photos of BaileyMore Photos of Bailey
Name: Bailey
ID: 41469844
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 3 years 2 months
Size: Medium
Location: Foster
Bailey Medium Spayed Female Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster Home
About Me: My name is Bailey and I'm a petite little pittie! See, here's the thing- I've been with the SPCA of Texas on and off for over a year now and I'm wondering when someone will love me enough to keep me? I'll admit, new places are a lot for me. Annnd okay, I'm a little shy! But the thing is, I have a heart of gold and know that you won't regret opening up your home to me.

Dogs: All I ask is that you have a dog (or maybe even two? I'd LOVE to be a part of a pack!) for me to play with! You want to see the real me? Bring your pup around! I'm the perfect companion for the lonely pup in your home because I just love all dogs so so much! And I like dogs of all sizes, but I do need a dog at least my size around to make me feel cozy. Are you a crazy dog lady? I need ya!

Cats: While cats don't bring me the same amount of joy as dogs do, I'm totally chill with them too!

Kids: I am living with kiddos right now and do well with them! I especially like to play fetch with kids.

My Dream Home: I'll definitely need a house with a fenced in backyard so I can run and play with my doggy siblings! I don't like high traffic places. What do I like? Snuggles, treats, DOGS, and a nice cozy bed with lots of blankies! My foster mom says I am the perfect couch date because I love to snuggle with you while you watch movies.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am eligible for a trial adoption! Email to take me on a test drive.