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Rylee Medium Neutered Male Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster Home
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More Photos of RyleeMore Photos of Rylee
Name: Rylee
ID: 41469930
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 1 year 7 months
Size: Medium
Location: Foster
Rylee Medium Neutered Male Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix Located in Foster Home
Likes: I love to talk long walks with my foster mom. I'm a laid back boy, I believe the term my foster mom used was "a lazy-couch potato".

About Me: I'm Rylee, and I am a beautiful boy! However, I'm a pretty shy guy so I am looking for an adopter that loves me for who I am. Who am I? A sweet, loving dude who really likes pupperoni. That's my jam!

Special Skills: I know sit, I'm kennel trained, and I walk very nicely on a leash.

My Dream Family: I'm looking for a easy going laid back family that would be patient and kind. A family that enjoys taking long walks and would enjoy having a loyal companion at home.

Kids: Over 12, please. Little kids are sticky and make a lot of noise! I went and got the snip snip so I wouldn't have to deal with my own kiddos.

Dogs: Bring them to meet me- we may be pals!

Testimonial: My favorite thing about Rylee is how loyal he is. Although he can be a bit timid, he will follow you around the house and always be laying somewhere in the room where he can see you. He got a lot more comfortable and outgoing with me after a couple of nights and I really think that he will shine and build his confidence if someone could spend a little more time with him....Foster Mom