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Sarah Medium Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Sarah
More Photos of Sarah
Name: Sarah
ID: 41487500
Breed: Domestic Shorthair / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 2 years 4 months
Size: Medium
Location: Foster
Sarah Medium Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair / Mix Located in Foster
Sarah is, in a word, a mystifying little kitty cat. She's out going, curious, and playful! Her skin condition is improving every day, and otherwise her coat is beautiful and so colorful.

Each morning she wakes up, stretches yawns a big yawn. As soon as you put food in her dish she's right there, and gobbles it up. She's not big on cuddling in laps, but loves to sit and watch you do whatever you are doing. Occasionally she'll come up and see what it is you're holding or eating, and rub her body on your feet.

Her favorite activity is looking out the window at whatever is happening outside. In the afternoon she'll curl back up in her bed and take a long siesta, occasionally waking up if she hears something outside.

In the evening she loves playing with her mice or chasing the laser pointer, often spazzing out on the floor. She will let you pet her on the head and stroke her on the back, and if you start scratching under her chin she'll purr nonstop.

Sarah would do well in a calm household, without a lot of loud sounds or sudden big events. She's curious about dogs, but is definitely scared because of the size difference. She might do well with a smaller or older dog who won't rush her or bark at her.

Written by Anne L. -Foster mama!

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