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Calypso Small Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair / Mix Located in Foster
More Photos of Calypso
More Photos of Calypso
Name: Calypso
ID: 41488812
Breed: Domestic Shorthair / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 3 years 4 months
Size: Small
Location: Foster
Calypso Small Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair / Mix Located in Foster
About Me: My name is Calypso, but my foster mom calls me Caly. I have chronic eye issues that get worse when I'm in the shelter- that's why I'm in foster!

Personality: My foster mom says that I am a loving companion and the best of both worlds! I'm the purrfect mix between couch potato and active kitty. I like to play with my toys and entertain myself, but also enjoy snuggling up with you while you read a book or watch TV. I'll make you laugh with my zoomies, talk to you when I need your help, and give you your space because I am an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T WOMAN!

Likes: I like being petted between my ears and on my neck. That is THE best spot! I also love pouncing and chasing my toys- especially the ones that make noise. Snuggles with a human are my favorite, as well as sleeping on your feet!

Adoption fee: $60

Medical: I have chronic feline herpesvirus. Did you know the majority of cats actually carry this virus, but don't show clinical symptoms? It's ideal for me to be the only kitty in the home unless my adopter understands the risks of giving me a feline sibling. You'll never know I have eye problems, because I don't let it get me down! In fact the only way you can tell is that one of my eyes gets a little squinty/watery on occasion.

Email if you'd like to meet me!