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Jersey Small Spayed Female Siamese / Mix Located in Foster Home
More Photos of Jersey
More Photos of JerseyMore Photos of Jersey
Name: Jersey
ID: 41510186
Breed: Siamese / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Size: Small
Location: Foster
Jersey Small Spayed Female Siamese / Mix Located in Foster Home
Information from Jersey's Foster

The name of your foster pet is...: Jersey

Nicknames you gave your foster pet:: Jerseycat

What is your favorite thing about your foster pet?: I've loved watching Jersey blossom from a totally shut down, non responsive cat to an active and happy cat. She enjoys soft beds, playing with toys, nibbling on cat grass, sun patches, using the scratcher with gusto, romping with the resident cat, and interactive play with wand toys. Jersey also likes cheek and head rubs.

What makes fostering this pet easy? : Jersey uses the litterbox without problem. She lets me know when it is time for wand play. She gets along with the resident cats. She keeps watch of me at night!

What is difficult about fostering this pet?: Jersey has come so far but is still working on her confidence and trust. She likes to give permission before petting (but does so and enjoys contact). She still gets nervous when loomed over and does not like to be picked up. She may never be a lap cat but will be a cat that likes to interact with her human and will stay close by. She is not aggressive; at most she will every now and then paw (not swat, no claws) my hand to tell me to slow down.

Imagine your foster pet's forever family - what are they like and what do they do for fun?: Jersey needs an experienced cat adopter who understands that she is a rescue kitty and will need to have a hiding place and who is willing to slowly gain her trust. Jersey might like a cat friend. She truly loves wand toy play time so will need an adopter with time to play with her. She appreciates cat grass and the double wide scratchers! She will do best in a home without children

Has your foster interacted with any children or other animals? How did it go?: Plays with the resident cat!

Did your foster seem house/litter trained? : Yes, completely

Did your foster pet mind being picked up? : Yes- would struggle to get down

How would you describe your foster pet's energy level? : My foster pet requires lots of playtime and stimulation.

Was your foster animal around dogs? Check all that apply.: Was not around dogs.

Is there anything else you need to tell us about your foster pet? Such as sleeping/eating habits, dislikes, etc?: Definitely needs someone who understands cats and has patience. But she is so worth it!! She is happy and gorgeous and funny.