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Name: Maia
ID: 45232506
Breed: Terrier, Pit Bull / Retriever, Labrador
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 2 years 8 months
Size: Large
Location: Foster
ABOUT MAIA: "My Little Angel Food Cake" is Maia's nickname at the shelter due to her toasty caramel and creamy white coloring and heavenly soft fur. She's got an angelic personality, too! She's a sweet, gentle, and sensitive girl. Maia was originally rescued along with 6 other dogs in August of 2020. She was absolutely frozen, petrified with fear in the beginning or would try to escape her kennel when staff came to visit. But with time, patience, and hard work from SPCA staff and "helper" dogs, Maia has gained some confidence and now can walk on leash in familiar areas, plays with other dogs, and enjoys petting from people she trusts. Maia loves food, which goes a long way in helping her adjust to new people and places. Once comfortable, she'll use her paws to play and interact and nudge her humans for attention. Once she trusts you, she'll relax and lean in for scratches.

HOME NEEDS: Calm and quiet environment in a single family home with a securely fenced yard. Maia is a climber, so the fencing must be solid and over 6 feet tall. Everyone in the household must meet Maia before going home.

KIDS: Ages 15+ or Adult Only. Meet and Greet required.

DOGS: 100% yes! Another dog in the home is a requirement for Maia to help bring her out of her shell and thrive.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Potential adopters get to take Maia home as a trial adoption! SPCA of Texas staff will provide supplies, medical care, and behavior support to help her acclimate to her new home and get settled.

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