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Name: Churro
ID: 45241333
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair / Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 2 years 8 months
Size: Small
Location: Foster
If you're looking for a fun one eyed kitty I'm your boy! I'm more dog than cat, I lOVE to play and adore attention! I may always have chronic nasal discharge (snotty nose) but it doesn't stop me from being a normal happy kitty!

Churro is currently in a foster home, here are some fun facts from his foster family:

What is your favorite thing about your foster pet?: My favorite thing about my foster pet is his energy. He is constantly moving and playing. Even if you don't play with him, he can keep himself endlessly entertained. Churro constantly invents his own games like kicking a ball around various places in the house.

What makes fostering this pet easy? : Fostering Churro is easy because he can mostly manage himself. He likes attention, but if he doesn't get it, he entertains himself until you can give him attention. He mostly just likes being around people, so if you're in a room, he will be content just being in that room.

Imagine your foster pet's forever family - what are they like and what do they do for fun?: Churro's forever family would definitely be high energy and willing to spend time with him. Ideally, they would be willing to play with him actively, like throwing a ball. In addition, Churro's family would need to love to cuddle since Churro loves to sleep with you. He has a tendency to hog the pillow, but he's a great cuddler!

How would you describe your foster pet's energy level? : My foster pet requires lots of playtime and stimulation., My foster pet is very playful but entertains themselves., My foster pet requires lots of exercise and will need an active adopter.

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