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Name: Shayla
ID: 45125482
Breed: Bulldog / Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 4 years 1 month
Size: Medium
Location: Dallas
ABOUT SHAYLA: When she sees her friends, Shayla is all wiggles! She has the best smile and when happy, her big tongue hangs out to the side with her ear-to-ear grin. Once comfortable with a person, Shayla leans in for petting and will even curl up in their lap! At only 35 pounds, she's a petite medium-sized dog and the perfect size for cuddles. Shayla has had a hard time adjusting to shelter life - and who can blame her? Being in a kennel was scary for her. But with time and help from SPCA staff, Shayla has learned that new people aren't so scary and that she's safe with us. She loves treats and that can go a long way in becoming the best of friends!

IDEAL HOME: Shayla will require either a single-family home with a securely fenced yard or a low-traffic apartment. She will need a calm and quiet environment and a 15+ household. Shayla would like to meet all household members before going home. Since strangers can be scary to her, she may need to meet potential adopters more than once to feel comfortable.

DOGS: No, thank you! Shayla is aloof with other dogs when initially meeting them, but once in a home she wants the humans all to herself.

SPECIAL NOTE: You'll get to take Shayla on a test run before making it official! The SPCA of Texas will provide all medical and behavior support during her trial adoption to help ensure a successful transition into her new home. She is also available for foster if you'd like to help Shayla on her journey to find a forever home.

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